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DIY Garage Door Repairs

4 Reasons Why You SHOULD NOT Attempt a DIY Garage Door Repair! It is only natural to want to save money and do something like garage door repair yourself. After all, what is the harm? The knowledge and skills it takes to replace a broken garage door torsion spring or broken cables seems easy enough…

10 Reasons why your garage door won’t open or close

Why doesn’t my garage door work anymore? #1 Broken Garage Door Torsion Springs Not all problems with your garage door are related to the opener malfunctioning. If your garage door suddenly won’t open or struggles to open with the automatic opener, then you may have broken torsion springs. If you happen to be home or…

How do I replace a broken garage door spring?

How to Fix A Broken Garage Door Spring? Your garage door is made up of many moving parts and mechanisms, all of which are essential for your garage door to operate. If you garage door springs are broken, you can’t use your garage door. Broken Springs or cables are bad news if your car’s trapped inside…

How do I repair a Garage Door Cable?

The garage door cable is an essential part of your garage door system. If you discover a problem involving the cable, you will need to perform the repairs or contact a garage door repair service for help. If the cable is broken, contact a repair company to fix it. If you are considering fixing it…

Your Garage Door Experts!

My Garage Door are a team of expert garage door repairers proudly serving Mississauga and the GTA. Our team of garage door repair experts are committed to deliver you the best quality garage door parts, new garage doors, openers and accessories from the best manufacturers. This is why My Garage Door guarantees and provides warranties for all garage door and opener repairs as well as installations.