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New Garage Door Installation Mississauga

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Compared to other home improvement projects, a New Garage Door yields the highest return on investment when selling your home.

When it’s time to invest in a new garage door, call My Garage Door Today! Our professionals have a great deal of knowledge about the different makes and models of garage doors available and can help you select the best one for your financial situation and home. When you purchase a new door, My Garage Door Service will provide garage door installation in Mississauga for you.

New Garage Doors are upgrades that bring value!

When you’re searching for home improvement projects that will pay dividends during a resale, do not overlook the value of a garage door replacement.

Garage door replacements provide a return of between 85 and 91.6%. Not only do you earn a significant return on garage door home improvement projects, but the initial outlay is less than $3,000.
Compare garage door projects to remodeled bathrooms, kitchens and home offices. These projects will require an initial investment in the tens of thousands, and the return will be much less than what you’ll earn through garage door replacement. A remodeled bathroom returns 70% on average, a remodeled kitchen 67.8% and a remodeled home office 48.7%.

What if I don’t plan on selling my home?
If you are in your forever home, maybe resale value isn’t as large a factor. But consider the value that new garage doors can deliver while you’re still living in your home. They will drastically help to enhance your home’s curb appeal, and by working with a garage door supplier that features a diverse and highly customizable inventory, you can find models that complement your home’s existing aesthetic features.
New garage doors also provide added energy-efficiency and security. By choosing models that offer the right amount of insulation for your home, it can help by protecting your belongings and keeping you more comfortable. Where we live in Canada and the harsh weather conditions such as humidity, snow and rain, as well as other weather events, a new garage door can also protect your home and everyone inside it.

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Save Money By Getting an Insulated Garage Door!

A New Garage Door can save you money. Installation of an energy efficient door which is well insulated keeps the warmer air in the winter and cool air during hot and humid summers. Many garage doors made of steel have high insulation values and are durable, requiring little maintenance.


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My Garage Door are a team of expert garage door repairers proudly serving Mississauga and the GTA. Our team of garage door repair experts are committed to deliver you the best quality garage door parts, new garage doors, openers and accessories from the best manufacturers. This is why My Garage Door guarantees and provides warranties for all garage door and opener repairs as well as installations.